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What’s new?

Safer tattoos, and better art! Get a tattoo with peace of mind, and leave with a great piece of artwork.

It’s been an exciting year, what has changed?

Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to update our shop, allowing us to provide even more value! We want everyone to feel comfortable coming in our doors, and to leave happy! We are still appointment only, and will continue to book new clients as well as returning clients. We are working to expand our presence, so we can better educate our clients and spread knowledge about a rather misunderstood industry. Knowledge is power!

Originally, I was working on this site to simply ease communication for those of us that don’t use social media. This is still the main goal of this website, and I will be continuously updating with new information. Everything from tattoo safety, to picking a design. If you have any ideas you’d like to see on my website, please send your ideas to my email! I’m happy to provide as much information as I can.

I’m most excited about having all of these resources, as well as being able to book a tattoo appointment with me, right here on my website!


Stay tuned! I will be adding a shop with all sorts of new merchandise in the future.


Thank you!

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